[ISSUE]Operation Manual typos (MediaBay & Automation chapter


In the “MediaBay” chapter, under the “Inserting Files into the Project” section, on p.526, the following bullet point is duplicate: “If you double-click a pattern bank, a new MIDI track is created in the Project window, with an instance of the Beat Designer plug-in as insert effect which is using this pattern.”

In the “MediaBay” chapter, under the “” section, on p.542: there is a phrasing problem: “Activates the configuration mode in which you can set up the attributes are that are displayed in the Attribute Inspector.”

In the “MediaBay” chapter, under the “Editing Attributes (Tagging)” section, on p.544, there is a mistake: “Tags help you finding a particular sound” <- It is either:
help you find / help you in finding / help you to find (ref. http://ell.stackexchange.com/questions/5149/to-find-or-finding-after-the-verb-help)

In the “Automation” chapter, under the “Static Value Line” section, on p.590, it reads: “When you open an automation track for the first time, it does not contain any automation events. This is reflected in the event display as a straight horizontal black line” <- This line is actually white (Read enabled).

In the “Automation” chapter, under the “Automatic Writing of Automation Data” section, on p.574, two words got stuck: “Channel Settingswindow”

In the “Automation” chapter, under the “Removing Automation Events” section, on p.577, the following statement is unclear “When Use Virgin Territory is enabled, this creates a gap. When disabled, the events within the range are removed.” <- If the events within the range are removed, one could think this also creates a gap…Maybe re-phrase the explanation explaining that a gap means no curve at all, not just no event…

In the “Automation” chapter, under the “Show Options” section, on p.590, these two options have similar explanations, I can’t see the difference: “•To show only the automation tracks for which automation data has already been written, activate Used Only.
• To show all automation tracks that contain automation data, activate Show Used.”

In the “Automation” chapter, under the “MIDI Controller Automation Setup” section, on p.592, explain where to find the “MIDI Controller Automation Setup”: It is accessible under “MIDI > CC Automation Setup”. It took me some time to find it out :slight_smile: