Issue: Pages not shown in Engraving mode

I found an issue in Dorico. I’m not sure if this is a known bug. I tried to search for it on the forum, but couldn’t find it.

Page-icons (under the Pages-section on the toolbar) sometimes will not show up in Engraving mode.

To reproduce this issue:

  • Switch to Engraving mode for a part (page-icons for the part will be displayed under ‘Pages’)
  • Double click on a master page to switch to the master page editor
  • Do not close the master page editor, but switch to a different part or to the full score
  • The page-icons for this part will not appear


  • Switch to a different mode (e.g. Write mode) and switch back to engraving mode.

As long as the master page editor is open, no page icons are displayed for any layout. This feels like normal behaviour to me…

Yes, I’m fairly certain that is correct. As far as Dorico is concerned, you are editing master pages at that point. Master pages are a broader concept than the individual layouts since you could define one master page and apply it to multiple layouts. Switching modes de facto takes you out of the master page editor, hence you can view the pages of the individual layouts when you return. I think this is all a simple misunderstanding of how master pages work.

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