Issue: Popover positioning when barline selected

When I’m working on Big Band scores in Dorico, I’m usually either zoomed in on a section of staves or using the instrument filter to show one section of the big band at a time, in Galley view. When I want to modify a barline, I select the barline and open the barline popover, which inconveniently pops up outside of my view. If I’m not using the filter, it shows up on the top staff of the ensemble - which might not be a bug, but it’s very inconvenient and disruptive. When using the instrument filter, however, the popover is vertically displaced in seemingly random positions, and not anywhere near the barline selected. Some times it is even hidden outside of view or behind the instrument filter overlay, depending on where the selected barline is within the window. I can still type into the popover and execute commands, but it’s not a nice user experience when I can’t see the popover at all.

This problem does not occur when the caret is activated, but I usually find it easier to modify barlines by selecting them directly and not while inputting notes with the caret, as I then would have to navigate to the beginning of empty bars just to input a double barline, for example.

Yes, I agree this is certainly less than optimal, and it’s on our radar as something that we should improve in future.

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Thank you, looking forward to that! By the way, I have to say I really love working with the instrument filters in Galley View, especially in combination with the jump bar aliases for different filter groups – a real killer feature when working with large ensembles.

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