Issue | Problem installing with eLCC

I recently upgraded from Cubase 4LE to Cubase 8LE (bought the upgrade online).
I downloaded the Cubase 8LE and installed it (along with the eLicenser control center) and when I entered the activation code to my soft-eLCC, it told me that I can’t upgrade my license.
it’s importent to say that I don’t have any eLicenser-USB.

Do you know what I can do to fix it ?

Hi and welcome,

I wonder, how you upgrade your Cubase LE4 to Cubase LE8. As far as I know, there is not such an upgrade. Or am I wrong? Where did you order this upgrade, please?

Please post the exact error message.

It is possible that your current license does not match the upgrade license you obtained…

(@Martin: Yes, there is an existing upgrade path from a “Cubase LE 4 (Soft)” license to a “Cubase LE 8 (Soft)” license.)