[ISSUE] Replace Audio In Video

Hi, when I “replace audio in video” with a WAV file everything seems to work as expected BUT if I try to replace with an MP3 version of the mixdown N6.0.4 computes but when checking the video, it has retained the original audio…nothing has happened.

Is this an undocumented restriction of this feature ?

Can I replace with a FLAC file ?


Update : ok, I can replace the audio in video with my FLAC file BUT when checking the audio stream of the new video…guess what ? Nuendo has converted my FLAC file to WAV first…so I’m back to square one…

Nuendo can’t replace audio in a QT file when changing the kind of audio type.

I.e. not from wav to mp3, not from mp3 to aac, not from etc. etc.

This is a limitation of Nuendo. It can’t, or won’t change the QT metadata.