issue: replace samples on mulitple zones with one sample


I have a drumloop, which is sliced in HALion 5 slicing engine.
Kick sounds 5 times in the loop, so there are 5 kicks.

All I want is to replace all the kick samples (slices) of the groove to a new single new kick sample.


  1. After slicing, I separated the 5 kick drum slices of the loop to a separate Kick layer.
  2. I select all of the samples on the Kick Layer and activate the Replace Samples function.
  3. In the dialog I select a new Kick sample.
  4. I get the message: “5 samples will be replaced in 5 zones” - nice.
  5. When I click ok, nothing happens - the samples (slices) are not replaced.

The replacment however works ok with single sample replacement.

Any idea how to make this?

Is this a bug or do I miss something here?

what about in your options is that set up to import multi samples ???

May I ask you to explain this? :confused:

Why not just delete the zones and add the kick you want spreading it across those five keys?

Edit: Didn’t notice it said “5 Samples will be replaced in 5 zones.” in the file dialog. I guess it’s a bug?

there are options in "options " for importing multiple samples or single samples , could it be this preference not setup right , im only guessing as I haven’t RTM on that part

This is not something I do often, but I could certainly see it as being extremely useful and if the dialog box clearly states that x amount of samples will be replaced, that is exactly what I would expect to happen. If it doesn’t, I would like to know why too. Can anyone at Steinberg jump in on this? If there is something we are missing on our end, please do let us know, otherwise, I hope this to be fixed in an upcoming update if it is indeed a bug.

Hi everyone,

This behavior is not a bug. It’s a missing feature. Replacing samples is used to replace multiple samples with multiple other samples and was developed to exchange samples in the mapping before there the new slicing feature was introduced. Now in the slicing context it makes sense to replace multiple samples with one single sample - like replacing all kick slices with a new kick. But this feature is not implemented yet. Currently replacing one single sample with another single sample is the only way to get the described result.

Thanks for the hint. Please put your idea in the feature request sub forum.

Thanks a lot for chiming in with this Matthias, much appreciated! I am glad it has been brought to light and despite being a feature request, it is something that is only half baked so far and we all look forward to it being fully and properly implemented!

Hi Matthias,

thanks for the answer, the request is added to the Feature Requests sub-forum, see

Hopefully this missing feature will be implemented soon.

For Arc: the reason I use sample replacement is to keep all synth parameters intact.