Issue : Selection of events

hello, here’s Jul from France

I’m a new owner and user of Cubase Pro 11.
I recorded drums using 7 different tracks that I record at the same time.
After recording, if I try to select one of the events created ( for example, the kick on the intro), I always end up with the 7 events selected.

Today I recorded an 8th track by mistake, and now it’s impossible for me to erase the event created, because if I do that I erase the 7 others at the same time.

The selection only includes the tracks that have been recorded at the same time, for example if I select one event of the drum part, it selects all of the drum events but not the events on the scratch tracks of voice and guitar (that happen at the same time but were recorded before).

I hope someone found a solution for this, because I found nothing on the manual about this problem.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

My expectation is, the drums are in the folder, where is the Group Editing enabled. Disable it to be able to select only one event.

Thank you Martin, the drum tracks were in a group, but after your message I replaced the group with a folder, and then I disabled the “group edition” and my problem was solved. I am also able to rec and mute all the tracks at once, which is very helpful.