ISSUE: Sonic Halion SE missing in Cubase 7.5 after installing 10.5 pro

Hi everybody,
I saw various similar posts but I didn’t find an answer so I start a new thread.
I recently installed Cubase 10.5.2 but I didn’t unistall the old 7.5 so I can still run both; today, trying to open some old project, I received an error message (see attachment).
I searched for the plugin in the location showed in the plugin manager but it seems to be completely missing…
If I open the project in Cubase 10.5 everything is ok and halion Sonic Se3 is starting.
Can someone help me? I still need to run 7.5 for a while.
Many thanks,


Just a guess, because I don’t remember the HALion Sonic SE version in Cubase 7.5. So…

I expect, there was an older HALion Sonic SE version in Cubase 7.5 than it is in Cubase 11 now. I expect the old HALion Sonic SE version has been rewritten/updated by the new version, once you have installed Cubase 10.5. But, it might be, Cubase 7.5 doesn’t recognise the new HALion Sonic SE as the same plug-in as the old one. Therefore it says, the plug-in is missing.

If all of this is true, an installation of the old HALion Sonic SE (from the Cubase 7.5 Full Installer) might fix it.

Just a guess…

Hi Martin,
do you mean I have to reinstall Cubase 7.5?
How could I reinstall only the “old Halion”?
Thank you,


I believe Cubase 7.5 Full Installer contains the HALion Sonic SE installer.

Hi Martin,
thank you for answering and sorry I didn’t reply, I wanted to try with the full installer but I couldn’t go on so I forgot to answer…
Hope you can excuse me and answer me once more: today I mounted the Cubase 7.5 full installer but there’s no a single Halion installer included so I guess I have to reinstall the whole app; do you think it could be create issues with the Cubase 10.5 installation (for example: getting Halion SE2 but missing the new Halion SE3 coming with C10 pro?)
Thank you very much!


OK, now I probably understand the problem.

In Cubase 7.5, there was HALion Sonic SE 2. In Cubase 10.5, there is HALion Sonic SE 3, which overwrites HALion Sonic SE 2. I’m not sure, if Cubase handles HALion Sonic SE 3 as the same plug-in (with the same ID) as HALion Sonic SE 2. If yes, Cubase should load HALion Sonic SE 3 instead of HALion Sonic SE 2 in Cubase 7.5. If not, then this might be tricky.

If you have HALion Sonic SE 3 installed already and you will try to install HALion Sonic SE 2, the system might refuse to install it, because it will say, there is a newer version installed already. Then to solution would be to uninstall HALion Sonic SE 3. Then you could install older HALion Sonic SE 2. But then you wouldn’t have the latest HALion Sonic SE 3 in Cubase 10.5.

Is there any reason to use Cubase 7.5, once you have Cubase 10.5?

Hi Martin,
thank you for answering again and so soon!
I only wanted to reopen some old Cubase 7.5 project and I supposed it was better with C7.5; I know Cubase 10.5 can do it but I was not sure all the plugins and effects were the same so I tried with 7.5 and I realized HalionSE2 was missing…
I don’t want to lose time with tricky operations so I’ll try to open my old project(s) with C10.5; I suppose I can uninstall C7.5, at the end…
Maybe I need the new C11 export function to avoid this kind of troubles in the future…
Thank you again,