Issue: Sticking Keys

Has anyone else had this issue?

Keys just stick and it is super frustrating. So much so, I never can keep app on my Ipad.

I am using MIDI hardware keyboard from Novation.

I can’ t imagine it is my keyboard or IOS since I do not have this problem with ANY other synth apps.

Thank you.


sorry for the inconvenience… could you please give us more information about your setup? Like ipad, iOS Versions etc.?


IOS 7 / IPAD AIR / Novation Launchkey 49

  • This issues arose as soon as I tried Nanologue from day 1
  • Issue persists via Audiobus chain or as I.A. MIDI via Cubasis
  • I have not had this issue with any other synth apps

Thank you

Bumped for assistance.

Bumped for patiently waiting for help here on this forum?