[ISSUE] Track Presets = FRUSTRATION!

I have OMF’s of drums for 14 songs tracked elsewhere.

I import the OMF’s no problem. I then do some panning, routing to a group, a little eq and levels, etc, for a working mix.

I save these channels as a preset to apply to the other 14 imports.

When I apply this preset to the next import nothing besides the inserts and group send level is applied.


All channels, order of channels, amount of channels - everything is the same.

This is really, really frustrating!!!

I work in the same way as you do. Yes, we need a solution for this. Not sometime in the future, but now, please!!!

I agree + 1

No. I use track archive all the time.

In this case I simply want to apply the exact same settings of the same tracks across 14 projects. (level, pan, grouping, send levels, inserts, etc)

I don’t want to add tracks with the same setting for tracking new material.

However, the work-around is to save the tracks as track archive, add new tracks from the track archive and copy the drum tracks from the OMF onto these tracks.

I shouldn’t have to do this. A simple ‘save track’ function would be perfect - AS IT USED TO BE!!!

You can use the save/load selected channels. It is still there. (or brought back as Fredo said).

There isn’t another great solution. Track Archive also brings back the audio if you don’t save a track archive without audio on the tracks.

Import session data will be the solution. I hope we can see it sooner rather than later.


Having just mixed my latest album in Pro Tools it just reinforces the fact (for me) that when it comes to things like Playlists, groups, and Import session data, Pro Tools is simply a superiour program. If Steinberg could match these features, Nuendo would be my choice for everything audio related.


It must be a bug. ‘Save Selected Tracks’ is not saving PAN and VOLUME

Re-installed Nuendo 6 and all current updates and still the same thing here…

PAN and LEVEL not saved in ‘Save Track Preset’