Issue - Tracks Not Recording

I’ve been recording my church music services for over a year using a Dante connection to the main console. This week, I setup a new project to record and could not arm any of the channels to record. The Dante Virtual Soundcard is synced and I get audio on my input in Cubase.

And the tracks are all assigned to the inputs but the record button isn’t what it usually is… and I get nothing at the track.

What else could the issue be? I’ve been using Cubase since v5. I’m on 12.0.7 here. I’ve never seen this…


This is an Input Channel therefore you cannot record into it.

The “button”, you try to click on is the Mono track icon. The Record Enable button looks different. Please look in the manual.

I know that’s an input channel. Just troubleshooting the entire signal chain.

The record button was there previously… why would it go away?


Use the one in the Inspector or change the settings to see it in the Track list too.