[ISSUE] Turned "Off" Send Effect State Not Recalled

This is driving me nuts.

I have a send effects chain built into my template. It includes an instance of RX noise reduction, which I use for light background reduction from time to time, based on the project. This issue MAY be tied to a previous issue I’ve reported in regards to channel settings windows not being correctly recalled when reopening a project (also still driving me crazy).

Steps to repro:

Work in project with preferred channel settings window open.
Turn off send effect.
Save. Close project/quit Nuendo.

Open project. Incorrect channel settings window is recalled.

Option-click “E” on correct channel to open it. I have to do this because if just select the desired channel in the existing window, channel settings change with track selection. That is not the case with the new, “option-E” selected window; it remains dedicated to the assigned channel (usually a DX group in my workflow).

Close previous (incorrect) channel settings window.

ISSUE: send effect is ON, not OFF, as it was in saved state.

I would very much like to see both of the issues described here finally fixed.