Issue upgrading from elicense to steinberg license (Cubase 11 artist )

Hi everyone,

I m encountering an issue when trying to upgrade from elicense (USB Dongle) to Steinberg license:
in Steinberg download assistant, at the step “An eLicenser Control Center window opens. The Activation Code has been filled in automatically.”, there is no option to “Continue”, I can just “Activate”, which leads to an error (“activation code already used”).
The elicenser control centre is up to date, the product is activated.

Has anyone experienced that? I m assuming I can use the original purchase activation code and don t need a new one?

Many thx,

Welcome to the Forum.

The Activation Code is a one time code, it can’t be used twice. So that is not needed anymore.

What does your eLicenser Control Center show now, is your Cubase Artist 11 license marked as “Upgraded to Steinberg Licensing”?

If yes you can simply launch the Activation Manager, login to your account and then click the Activate button for Cubase.

You can also login to your Steinberg account, go to your profile and check if the new Cubase license is already stored there.

Hi Juergen and thanks for your help.
Unfortunately my account still shows the USB e-licenser and no Steinberg license-based product. Any other idea? Cheers

You said there is no option to “Continue”, but “Activate”. Did you press that and what happened then?

It starts to load, and turn red halfway with an error (“activation code already used”)

Confirmed on another thread - Cubase 11 cannot be converted to a Steinberg license…