[Issue]: VariAudio function

To continue with the theme of “is Nuendo development becoming fragmented?” I wonder this, out loud (on a qwerty).

I do love Nuendo’s VaruAudio tuning for vocals. It just works very well for me, overall. I have collected and labeled all of my used Key Commands for that Editor onto a separate USB keypad and rest one hand on that keypad, my other hand on the mouse and can move very quickly and effectively for vocal tuning. Great and consistent results. Thank you, Steinberg.

However……I have to wonder why there is a seemingly random change in Nuendo principles in that Editor. In Nuendo, the Select Tool becomes the Cut/Split Tool when you press and hold Alt/Option key. Works great. Except in the VariAudio Editor, where you access the Cut Tool by toggling the TAB key on and off.

Why? I mean, really, why?

Why can’t the Alt/Option key perform the same function, even if you want to make the TAB toggle option available as well? Alt/Option does nothing to the Select Tool when it’s positioned on a Segment/Event in that Editor. What’s to lose? Not to mention that in Preferences > Tool Modifiers the function for Alt on the Select Tool is listed as “Split Event”. Seems clear enough.

To violate the functional “Laws” for Tools and Modifiers stated in the Nuendo overview in the beginning of the manual and also specified in Preferences seems poorly considered to me. Again, evidence of compartmentalized development not being fully overseen by a single vision. I believe someone in development should be noticing and correcting these things.

Feature requested, please. Connect the Alt/Option key to the Split function in VariAudio Editor. Just like it is in the other Editors. Please.

This, I hope, is not a derail:

For years now, I’ve been requesting that tool modifiers be more fully customizable. I do not understand why we can’t choose whatever tool we like, rather than the same pre-ordained combinations that have not changed since at least N2, I think!

I don’t know anything about what it takes to program something like that, but it seems like an elegant answer to the OP’s identified issue.


+1 to the OP on this.

I’d go further by saying do away with the Pitch/Warp and Segment mode distinction altogether.

Another general KeyCommand overhaul/update ‘wish’, is already amongst lots of other nice requests for VA enhancements/improvements here - (I love VA too, so made a ‘future features’ wishlist for what I’m calling VariAudio 2.0):-

But please, add your voice(s) to the thread too… :wink:


[EDIT] just added this threads ref, to item number 11 in the list, for good measure…!