Issue Waves plugins not keeping information

Running Windows 7 in 64bit, Nuendo 7 we have 4 post rooms and all are running the same. All work but one. The waves plugins seem to not keep the parameters. Someone can work on a project in another room and if I open it in my room all the waves plugin parameters are reset. I believe we are running all VST 2 for waves. Like I said only one room is having this issue, so it does work as it should in other rooms. Just not mine. Anyone have any ideas?

i upgraded from 5.5 to 7, also seems now that i get waves plugins missing when I open up a project what was started in 5.5 and when I open it up in 5.5, so now I’m hosed either way.

check to see if the location of

  1. the plugins
  2. the waves shell (what revision level are you using? the latest is V9)
  3. Nuendo’s preferences
    are all the same on all computers (I am assuming PC here, if you are on Macs, ask a Mac person)

I say this because we had 1 system that installed Wavelab in a different location than where it should have, so when I set the preferences the way I wanted the program to operate under, I would reload WL and it would have all the wrong settings. So check your install paths.

I think is should be…
you should see the N5 folder in the Steinberg folder for the path I just listed.

If this is not the issue, Sorry no other ideas.

Best wishes,

Sounds like you have issues with your Waves install - probably related to Waveshells and what N7 is looking at versus what your older version was using.

Best to contact Waves on this one.

i am using waves shell 9.2 x64

i think i have fixed it. The waves .vst was not in the common files folder i copied it to it and all works for now. Thanks