Issue When flipping articulations

I’m working on a Music XML file originally exported from Cubase 9.5. It’s just a string quintet, not a busy score at all. Every time there’s a passage with two voices (one up-stem and one down-stem) I’m getting the articulations on the wrong side of the note. I wasn’t having this problem prior to updating to version 2.1, but ever since the update I have been having to edit the articulation placement on a note by note basis; HOWEVER, that is not the issue I’m having.

My real situation is with my last file, which is not holding the flip of these articulations. So say for example I’m on Full Score Layout, I select the notes on the violin passage, I flip the articulations, but once I leave the full score layout and go to the layout for the violin that I just edited, such notes which articulations were flipped, appear as un-flipped (as if I had done nothing). If I go back to the Full Score layout same thing, notes appear as unflipped once again.

So basically, all my articulations are unflippable for this particular score. I’ve tried creating new instruments and copied and pasted everything, I’ve created a new file and copied and pasted everything, I even tried removing the articulations and adding them again: same result every time.

The only thing that works is to eliminate the notes altogether, and then re-input them and then add the articulations, however this is such a painstaking process and I have a deadline. Can anyone please suggest an easy fix? Also wanted to report it to Daniel and the team, since it was an issue that was not occurring prior to 2.1 (to me at least), and also has to do with a file coming from Cubase, which you know, Steinberg family. Thanks everyone in advance.

When you flip in one layout, they won’t automatically flip in any other layout. This behaviour dates right back to Dorico v1.0.

If you want to flip in both layouts, flip in one layout, then with the flipped elements still selected, go Edit>Propagate Properties.

Does that solve your problem?

Also, check your MusicXML preferences (that’s Edit > Preferences in Windows and Dorico > Preferences on macOS). There’s a tickbox for “Articulation placement”. Try unticking it and then re-importing your MusicXML file.

If you really are having problems whereby changing the articulation placement properties between stem-side/notehead-side isn’t sticking, please zip up and attach the project here, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a link to this thread in the email, and I’ll look into it.

One thought: you could try selecting the notes and doing Edit > Reset Appearance and Reset Position, then see if setting the properties after that seems to work any better.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

This one (bellow) made the flipping permanent for the individual layouts, however it wouldn’t keep it in the Full Score layout, thank you for the suggestion though:

This one turned out to be the culprit (bellow), once I changed this and re-imported, it did it right the first time, so thanks for that too, I’ll make sure to keep it like that for future imports:

However the ultimate solution for my case was this one (bellow), because I had already worked a ton on the file, and would’ve lost everything by re-importing:

ONCE AGAIN thank you everyone for your support, I don’t think it’s going to be necessary to upload a file.