Issue when trying to purchase Elements under a different user

Hi, I’m close to the end of my trial period, when I downloaded Dorico Elements I registered under a different name and email,I’d like to purchase the software now and have it registered under this name: but when I try I get the error “This eLicenser number has already been registered by another user.” how do I go about this please, I think I need a new license yes?

If you had to create an account to do the trial, log into that account and switch email addresses. I would imagine that updating account info would take care of this (although, now that you’ve created a second account with that email it might not). At the end of the day I’d just email the support address for Steinberg.

I believe the recommended way to proceed is to go into the My Steinberg account where the soft eLicenser is registered and delete it, then you should be free to register that soft eLicenser against your desired account.

thanks for the help I didn’t find a way to delete the account or to change the email address actually when I tried to just go oon and register it I got the following message: Your eLicenser with the number [eLicenser number removed by moderator] was successfully registered.

Currently, there is no valid Steinberg product license found on this eLicenser.

and all I could do is “I’m done”… wow so annoying! just try buying the software!

Did you contact Steinberg customer service? I’ve had to contact them about licensing problems in the past, and they’re very responsive.

what’s their email please? I can find a phone number in America but I’m not in America, can some moderator who has connection with Steinberg can help me out I just want to pay the thing

Daniel is on the forum pretty constantly. You can also email him at d dot spreadbury (at) steinberg dot de (email address has been modified to avoid spam).

thanks a million I think I figured out a solution