Issue when writing lyrics and composing in gallery view


usually I write music and manage various sections of the score in gallery view.
Today I’ve started a new song where I’m composing and arranging in the the same time notes and lyrics.
The problem is that in gallery view I’m not able to work without collision problems, lyrics don’t take account of staves an notes.
The first example is for show how it appear to me
The second example is maded after increasing distance value between staves in Layout option vertical distance.
Have any suggestion? Maybe it need to be fixed?

I haven’t had any problems with lyrics in the running view so far.
I suspect you have an incorrect assignment between Lyric and the voices or systems. To clarify, use the option: voice colors.

The height of lyrics isn’t taken into account when working in galley view. In general Dorico performs less collision avoidance in galley view because it would have to do so for the entire flow, and in larger projects that could become prohibitively slow.

Thanks Daniel,
the reasons you are explaining are right for sure, anyway I hope that this behaviour could be managed differently in future, Dorico is an insanely powerful tool for manage score presentation but we know it has also a big composing/arranging solid rock soul. I can tell that I’m working definitely on Dorico and less on paper; gallery view is a great way to view arrangement creation process in a typical linear mode offered by DAWs, and lyrics composing more often is one of the main element in composition process that involve more staves, counterpoint lines with independent lyrics and so on, you know…
Anyway, if lyrics collision in some way will be enhanced in gallery view in future, I’ll be happy and grateful.

You could temporarily change your engraving options for the minimum gaps between lyrics and the staff whilst working in galley view, then change that value back when you come to work on the page formatting.

In Layout Options / Vertical Spacing / Ideal Gaps, there is an option “In galley view, expand ideal staff gaps to x%”

Increase the default value of 125% to what you want.

Thanks for all suggestions :pray: