Issue with a lot of plugins when Cubase's scaling is set to -25%

Checked plugin updates as well, some didn’t change the described behavior, but the following plugins did:

Rule Tec Heritage Pro doesn’t crop content now, but jumps in size, moving it to category #3.
Devious Machines Duck’s window doesn’t enlarge everytime I open it, it just jumps in size, so category #3 as well.
Dsoniq Realphones has moved from the category #5, to #3, just jumping in size, without a blank space enlarging everytime.

In my case I’m working on a laptop and I have Windows set to 125% because otherwise things are too small, but I set Cubase to -25% because I know it well enough that I don’t have to see everything :wink:

BTW, I think I also identified a behaviour that doesn’t fall under #1-5 (EDIT: sorry, it’s #4). For all TAL plugins they get bigger every time I open them until eventually they get out of screen :slight_smile:


Checked 12.0.60.
No luck, the issues are still there.

Any progress on this? I’m having issues with the Waves Audio renaissance bundle, and how the plugins display in Cubase 10.5. With the Waves GUI, they’re unusable, because they have a fixed window size but are scaled up (because Waves didn’t modernise the old, low-resolution interface), so half of it is just cropped out.

This issue is compounded by the cursor map not matching the out-of-scale plugin window, meaning the controls can’t be used. The plugins still function as they can be controlled with the generic interface, or the ‘remote control’, but it’s kind of flying blind as you lose all of the useful visual stuff.

Hi @simon962 and welcome to the forums!

What version are your Waves plugins?

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Thank you! I’m using the latest version of Waves plugins, 14.something

On the positive side though, I’m making more use of Steinberg’s EQ and Dynamics plugins that are part of Cubase…every cloud has a silver lining! :smile:

It has been almost three month from the latest 12.0.60 patch. Any progress updates on the issue? @Armand

@otro678 Very sorry about late reply.

I regret to tell you that no focus has been spent on identifying the root cause of those issues. I will try to unlock a budget for a task force to address them. At least I would like to understand better where the problems lie and whether they’re due to our DAW or to the 3rd party plugins.

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Hi @Armand ,
any updates on this? Several plugins still affected, e.g. mastering the mix plugins


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