Issue with a lot of plugins when Cubase's scaling is set to -25%

I’ve found some issues related to the Cubase & plugins scaling.
A lot of my collection is affected.

Cubase 12.0.20
1080p display resolution
Windows scaling set to any value other than 100%. I’ve reproduced the issue with 125, 150 and 175% scaling
Cubase has HiDPI option activated and scaling is set to “-25%”
VST3 versions for all the plugins

When Windows scaling is set to 100% and Cubase scaling set to System’s - mentioned plugins function correctly. So the issue is there only if Windows scale and Cubase scale are different.

Issues, divided by categories (there are 5 issue types):

  1. Shrinked content, temporary fixable with plugin’s internal scaling setting. Changing internal scale fixes cropping until the next time the window is opened:
    TDR Limiter №6
    TDR Kotelnikov
    Rule Tec Heritage Pro

  2. Shrinked content, but no way to fix it:
    Lindell Series 80
    Luftikus by lkjb
    Sonnox Oxford Inflator
    ABPTR MetricAB

  3. Plugin opens smaller, then enlarges. Everytime the window opens, the final size stays the same:
    Klanghelm MJUC
    Klanghelm SDRR2
    Wavesfactory Trackspacer
    Wavesfactory Casette
    oeksound soothe2
    Sonible smart:EQ3
    Sonible smart:reverb
    AudioThing Type A
    Denise Bass XL
    GoodHertz PanPot
    Valhalla Shimmer
    Cableguys HalfTime

  4. Window jumps in size and ALSO increases in size every time it opens:
    Devious Machines Duck

  5. Content size jumps, but stays the same. The window enlarges in size with an empty background every time it opens:
    RX950 Classic by Inphonik
    dSoniq Realphones

Not all plugins are affected though. Plugins that are working okay are from FabFilter, tbProAudio, SoundToys (VST2), Black Rooster Audio (VST2), Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, brainworx, kHs, sound theory, Arturia, Softube, Melda, Baby Audio, Antares, Audified.

I really hope that scaling issues will get finally sorted out, because since Cubase 10.5, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of those.

Considering that Steinberg are the developers and owners of the VST specification and independent Cubase scaling option is there for multiple major versions, it seems really wierd to have so much of those issues with so many plugin vendors.

Let me know if there’s any info I could provide to ease up fixing the issue.



Just installed an older Cubase 11.0.41 to test, seems like it has absolutely same behavior in all 5 cases.

Will do a screencapture tomorrow with Cubase 12, to visualise the issues.

As promised, here are the videos:


I will have a look at it soon!

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Setting Cubase scaling to +25% produces an interesting effect on plugins as well.

The “fixed size” plugins have a black border and those plugins that were resizing, now open a bigger window and then shrink. :slight_smile:

This is a VST3 bug.

Some plugins can be resized from both their own handle and Cubase’s plugin window handle.
If you resize them from their own handle, the window will follow, but if you use the window’s handle, the plugin GUI will keep the same size and only the window will become larger with black borders filling the gaps.

The HiDPI setting is directly related to that behavior. It all depends on how the plugins communicate with Cubase and vice-versa, and whether they are HiDPI compatible or not.
When you set HiDPI, the plugin GUI itself will keep the same size in pixels if it is not HiDPI compatible, or doesn’t communicate properly with Cubase, but the plugin window will increase in size according to the HiDPI value, creating the black borders.
Normally, if you set a negative value, the plugin window will reduce in size and some of the plugin GUI will be cropped, instead of having black borders. You see what I mean.
Try to resize your plugins and see if the black borders disappear.

Also now Cubase has been updated to 12.0.30. Please install it and see how it goes. (I think it won’t change anything but still worth trying)

Hi, Louis, thanks for a detailed explanation.

If you’ll see my starter post, there’s a plugin list divided into categories, describing the different faulty behaviors and where it is partly “fixable”.

All the plugins listed under the issue #2 can’t be resized at all, which means they’re basically unusable with a negative scale offset. And for others - adjusting window size every time I open a plugin seems like a flow killer to me.

P.S. Tried 12.0.30 this morning, it fixed another UI issue introduced in Cubase 12 (some plugins having side borders), but nothing in regard of the issue of this topic, unfortunately.

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Tested 12.0.40 update with -25% scaling, the described issue is still there.

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Hi, are there any updates on this, maybe some investigation results?
Would like to know if this is planned to be fixed in v12 or in the next major version.

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jftr, I thought it was just me this happened to.

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Have you tried the allow resize option if you right click on the clear area above the plugin?

I used to run on -25% and that would fix some of the plugins for me. Others would just go barmy though lol.

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Thanks for the tip!

Unfortunately the “allow resize” option isn’t there for TDR plugins, Oxford Inflator, MetricAB.
At least for VST3 versions, which I’m using. Those are plugins that have their window content cropped and being unusable because of that.

For most of the other mentioned plugins the option isn’t available too, but they’re usable, just with some annoying jumping & scaling each time you open one :slight_smile:

Any updates?

Sorry for the question, but in which scenario one would like to use negative scaling, today where big screens with high a high enough resolution are the norm?

And AFAIK it isnt even supported officially by Windows (don’t know about macs, but even they have high enough resolutions usually).

For me it’s having Windows global scaling set to 125% and Cubase set to 100%.

For solely audio mixing/mastering I’m good with Cubase set to 125%, but for composing and quick mixing I’d prefer 100% as it fits more data on the screen.

As far as I understand, it’s not done by Windows, as negative scale values are in Cubase’s settings. I, as a user, assume that if the setting is there and can be set, that it will work correctly.

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Ah okay, I assumed you enabled negative scaling in the registry editor!

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Just checked 12.0.50 update, the issue is still present.

I’m having serious problems with the Dreamtonics Synthesizer V plugin running at -25%.

Everytime the plugin opens it gets bigger, to the point where it expands massively off the screen.

Yet I don’t get any issues with it in Studio One or Reaper, but then I don’t need to apply a -25% scale to stop everything looking so blurry if running windows at 125%. Really is frustrating. :frowning:

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Just found out that Voxengo curve keeps changing size even if no scale is applied, there’s just no happy medium where everything will work. So annoying. And this came with Cubase.

Checked 12.0.52 update, the issue’s still there.
Any ETA? @Armand