Issue with a tuplet - 15 sixteenths in the place of 2 quarters

As the title says, I am working on a piece. there is a 15-let. It happens to be 15 sixteenths in the place of 2 quarter notes.

When I have the sixteenth note selected and I type 15:2q in the tuples popover, I get something that is inaccurate. If I type 15:8 (which is also correct, it works). However, I want it to show 15:2q in the number (where q is the quarter note glyph).

Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,

After playing around, if I type 15x:4e, it works as it should. But if I type 15x:2q, I get something wrong. Anytime I write the “:2q” it creates a tuple as if I wrote “:2w” I think.


“15:2q” means 15 quarters in the span of 2 quarters, so if you start inputting sixteenths you’ll get 60 sixteenths in the span of 2 quarters, LOL! I’m not sure if it’s possible to get 15:2q to show with the quarter glyph without a workaround.

EDIT: I don’t have time to try it now, but I seem to remember some workaround using nested tuplets.

The problem is you cannot have two different rhythmic values in the equation for tuplets with Dorico. What you’re looking for is 15:8x, as there are usually 8 sixteenth notes in the time of two quarters.
[Edit] I see you were aware of that, apologies. So the thing is you’ll have to hide the tuplet’s number (properties) and add some equation using MusGlyph as staff text.

Just tried this out and you can in fact do it with nested tuplets.

  1. Create your 15/2q tuplet
  2. Enter your 15 sixteenths
  3. Click the first sixteenth and create a 15/60 tuplet
  4. Hide the number on the tuplet you just created
  5. Select the proper ratio on the original tuplet


Thank you for your help!!! I’ll give it a try.


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