Issue with AUDIO EXPORT in Cubase 13.0.30

Since the update, the Export Audio function loops altough the cycle function is not selected.
And still there is no sound with Preview selected.


The export has never looped over the Cycle. Or do I understand you wrong?

Export Audio Mixdown does not have an audio preview option. Are you thinking of Realtime Export?

Yes, I mean when selecting Realtime Export there is no sound. Sometimes there is and in other projects with exactly the same settings not. In earlier versions I never had this problem, like Cubase Pro 12.

Well I meant I had not the cycle mode activated and still the audio export function kept on cycling, had to stop it several times. Did a restart and it was OK again.


Did you run a Queue?

Not that I am aware of. When do you run a queue, what is it for, please?
All I did was export multiple tracks within a selection. I do it often without problems.