Issue with Bb2 chord symbol


Strange one.

Piece is in Eb major, entering a Bb2/D chord symbols results in a Fbb/D in Dorico!

Tried without the alternate bass note and Bb2 still gives me Fbb.

Keyboard input not midi.



As a follow up.

I have tried to input Eb2/G and Dorico removes the 2 giving Eb/G

In either of these cases replacing 2 with sus2 results in the correct symbol, so it appears Dorico has an issue with extensions of 2

Ah, perhaps I have discovered the purpose of the chord editor:-)

No. Def seems to be an issue. Now inputted a Db2 chord and it disappears immediately no chord symbol shown.

I think for 2 you have to enter e.g. Eb(sus2)/G and then decide how you want the sus2 to display in Engraving options e.g. just Eb2/G

Thanks John

Other chord I had issue with was inputting Am7(sus4) came out as A7sus4


This is a tricky one – how’s Dorico supposed to know it’s a minor chord if you don’t play the third?

Good point. I am copying an arrangement so trying to recreate faithfully. Would this be a case to use the editor?

No, just open the popover and type “Am7sus4”.

That’s what I was doing but it’s changes to A7sus4 as soon as I press return

So it does! I guess Dorico really doesn’t think there’s any such thing as Am7(sus4), which is fair enough, really. But you could definitely reproduce it by editing it and adding e.g. an “m” before the “7” component.