Issue with cross-staff beaming

I’m trying to get this cross-staff beam
but selecting the two notes and typing ‘M’ I’m getting the beam below the notes
Flipping the beam or “Force Centered beam” doesn’t help. Any ideas?

It’s because that would require stems on both sides of the beam, which Dorico doesn’t currently support.

Oh, that was fast! Thank you, Lillie. I will try to fake it somehow.

It works with two up-stem crotchets in the left hand:
Of course playback needs a “proper” version.

This same excerpt came up some time ago in this thread:

My workaround managed to create the visual effect - not an entirely satisfactory solution, but it might do for what you need.

Here is a screen shot:

Here is a minimal Dorico project containing that bar and a few preceding bars:
Brahms Intermezzo - edited v2.dorico (469.6 KB)

@Juerg_Loeffler 's solution is probably better, and is another way of doing it.

Oh, that very example has been discussed already :roll_eyes:
But it’s always interesting how there are different approaches for uncommon tasks. Thanks for the hint @stevenjones01

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