Issue with stems on cross staff chords

I’m trying to input this bar from an Intermezzo by Brahms.
At the third and final eighth of the bar there are two sixteenth two-note chords, which are split between the two staves. I can’t reproduce this in Dorico. The problem seems to lie in the beam being positioned between the two notes and not above or below them. When I chose the two notes and made them cross staff Dorico automatically moved the beam up. I had to go to Engrave Mode and pull it to the middle, but then, as can be seen in the attached file, the stem fails to move to the right side of the noteheads (or more precisely, the notehead failed to move to the left side of the stem).
And another glitch that has occurred is that slur which is supposed to be between the D and G in the left hand - somehow because of the cross-staff shenanigans it got flung out of place…
Is there currently any way of making this work? And would this be something you’d consider making Dorico do automatically?

Screenshot 2016-12-28 19.53.11.png
Brahms (205 KB)

I’m afraid there’s no good way of making this work at the moment, no. Stems proceeding in both directions at the same rhythmic position from the same beam is more or less the only kind of cross-staff/between staves beaming Dorico cannot handle, and although it’s rare there are certainly other examples, in e.g. Xenakis, among others. I would certainly not rule out adding support for this in the future, but it’s not going to be something we do very soon, I suspect.