Issue with Cubase 8.1 and TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack

I can’t understand if it’s an issue related to Cubase or to VoiceLive Rack, I hope you can help me to understand

I have two VoiceLive Rack and I tried in two different PCs with all possible combinations, but they behave in the same manner.

Here is what’s going on

I connected MIDI Out of my Sound Cards (tried with Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 and Scarlett 18i20) to MIDI In of VLR for Program Change, Control Change and Harmony with a MIDI track

In Cubase 8.1 I went to Transport > Project Synchronization Setup and set as in attachment 01.png
In VLR I went on my favorite preset, then enter the Delay tab and set the source as MIDI, and store the preset: so the delay is in sync with the tempo of my song

The Cubase track transmits on channel 16 and the VLR receives on track 16 (Setup > MIDI tab > Channel and CC Chan, both on 16), but I tried with other channels too

So far so good, al, is in sync and it works (Harmony voices are a charme).
Now, if I stop the song and go back, VLR Delay Source changes from MIDI to TAP! While playing the song I change it again to MIDI and all is fine, but when I stop the song and go to the beginning or in another part of the song, it resets again to TAP. EVERY SINGLE TIME I STOP THE SONG IT AND GO BACK IT LOSES “MIDI” AND SWITCH TO “TAP”. Same with “TIME”: it always changes to “TAP”. And remember, with both VLR I own, on two different machines

The “MIDI” Source is stored on the preset: if I change preset and then go back to my favorite one, I can see “MIDI”. But when I start the song, stop and change the cursor on the song, it resets to “TAP”

On Cubase, I also tried to check the “Always send start message” and “Send MIDI Clock in Stop Mde” ticks, but the problem remains

This is driving me mad: please, have you got idea where the problem lies?


Ok, I answer myself for users who have this issue too.
It’s a bug in TC-Helicon Voice Live Rack, that I submitted to TC-Helicon years ago with a video ( and still waiting for a solution after all the “yes, we’ll fix it” (maybe in another life, but they didn’t specified)