Issue with Cubase 8 crashing while idle

Every time i return to my PC (usually left cubase on overnight), Cubase 8 will have a spinning wheel of death, as if it’s trying to save. End Task does NOT WORK and there is no way to terminate Cubase. End Process will not kill Cubase either, cubase just sits there with 18GB of RAM loaded and 00 CPU use. Oddly, I have a Cubase 7.5 open sometimes and this issue is not present on C7.5

I found one of the autosaves it made before crashing is 2,688 KB (My normal files are about 41,000KB). Cubase says "This file was created with Cubase 1.x. This program version cannot load it.

Another bizarre detail is that after using End Task, the “Cubase is not responding,Windows is checking for a solution” dialog comes up, but then is killed before it can record a log in the reliability monitor. Cubase then still refuses to close, even with ending the process.

usb port the dongle is in possibly set to power down after a period of non use? memory leak with some other running app or plugin that eats away ram while you sleep? some other device turning off? power profile set all devices to “always on”? remember the memory leak in Hartmann Neuron VSTi? it would work great for a half hour or so depending on how much ram you had before it crashed the daw.

difficult to troubleshoot something you cant see happening that takes hours to manifest

best of luck with this one its a weird one

Perhaps you could turn off the auto save for a day, and see if that would solve the problem?

I do leave the sessions open overnight frequently, and I have not seen this problem yet. I don’t use auto save. I am using W7 Pro SP1 x64.

Another update on this issue: This time windows was crashed internally somehow. Chrome was not responding, Cubase 8 had the wheel of death. Opening task manager caused windows explorer to not respond either, and none of these applications ever were able to reopen, and the entire PC froze when attempting a shutdown. Cubase 7 was still working throughout all of this somehow, and I was able to close it. bizarre :open_mouth: