Issue with different versions of same masterpage in parts

Sorry guys,
me again. :slight_smile: Got a problem with the masterpages. If i get the idea of masterpages right, it should be possible to assign one masterpage to all parts, so every part should look the same. Strangely, that’s not working for me. I changed the “Default Part” masterpage, so that it includes the subtitle, but it will not be applied at the same manner to all parts. Following you can find a couple of screenshot, to better understand what i mean:

This is the parts masterpage in edit mode. Fiddled around to pack the subtitle neatly between lyricist and composer.

An example of a part where everything seems to work:

But then a lot of parts look like this. I even edited every single part manually to fix this textbox but next time i open them, they look like this again. Am i doing something wrong?

The squished text boxes probably indicate that your text frames on the master pages are constrained to all four sides of the page, meaning that each side of the frame is a set distance from the edge of the page, but your layouts are using different page sizes.

The easiest fix is to go into Layout Options and set the page sizes so that they’re consistent.

If you do want different page sizes across your different layouts, grab each of the text frames in the master page(s) and turn off two adjacent padlocks in the left panel. This will allow you to specify (either by dragging or in the properties panel) an explicit height and width for each frame that will be used regardless of the paper size.

(Edit: or if you want them to be full width, just turn off the bottom padlock in order that you can specify an explicit height for the frame.)

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In fact, the parts did use the same page size. Tried even to reapply the same page size to all layouts, but it doesn’t resolve the problem. However, turning of the “bottom” padlock did the trick! Now every part looks perfectly the same! Thanks a lot pianoleo, you are the man! :+1:

Page margins, then? The margins on your Flute screenshot appear to be narrower than the ones on your Alto Sax 1 screenshot.

For info about frame constraints in the manual, see here.

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Direct hit! The page margins where different. All the parts where affected, which i added later. Seems that my default Layout Options for new parts are different then the ones i use. Is it possible to make my current Layout Options the Default?

Sure. Go to Layout Options, select the part you want to use as default, ensure that the Layout Type dropdown at the bottom is set to Part, then click the Save As Default button. Then select all the other part layouts (either by clicking the first and shift-clicking the last, or using the Select all part layouts button at the bottom right), then click Restore Saved Defaults at the bottom of the dialog.

:man_facepalming: obviously! Thanks