Issue with download assistant

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Hello everyone,
I have the some sort of problem like this,
I was upgrading from cubase AI to Cubase Elements,
I paid on the Steinberg webpage for my software copy.
I get the s-d-a and i am downloading cubase elements .
I had cubase ai 9.5 .
After some sort of update my computer did while it restarted . The steinberg download assistant was not downloading the full version and getting failed .
However, it is able to download the update to cubase elements 9.5.20 (from 9.5) but it cannot download the full version.
I am a little scared that I might need to pay again, as I guess (I have the activation code and I will register as I get my copy in the eLc control center. )

I have done this process earlier with cubase ai,but I simply want a fix for this …

I will be thankful for each piece of help that will be provided to me .

-with regards

Payment is unrelated to the the download. You are buying a license, the downloads are available to everyone at no cost.

Restart you computer, to be safe, and delete the previously downloaded files. Then use the S.D.A. to download Elements, only.

Thank You For your help -steve- !
But actually I read something on an another page of the forum.
I was still scared but ,
I did what I had read…
Yay! …and I resolved my issue…

Here is how I got Everything O.K. -:
Got the activation code?
Just put it to eLcc ,
Open Cubase…
___________________________ :slight_smile: ___________________________

MODS: I have been unable to download Iconica for 3 days now. Constant failures. Is there another source which does not use the download assistent as this app is wiping the progress of my files to 0 mb after second failures.