Issue with export from Izotope Iris 2 plugin with midi data not being included

I’m having an issue with a cubase 10 project on windows 10 64bit.
I am running an Izotope Iris 2 plugin and am using recorded midi CC1 data to control a cutoff internal in the Izotope plugin.
The recorded midi data is only then included in the exported audio mixdown when realtime export is selected in the export settings. During a normal mixdown the midi data is not rendered and the cutoff stays at its inital position the whole time. Project settings 32 bit floating point at 48 kHz and exporting at the same rates to .wav.

Realtime export is not really an option for me because the project got so full it aborts the realtime export because running out of cpu processing power at some point. How can I save the project? freezing and/or unfreezing the plugin did not repair it. I just can’t get the CC1 data to get rendered. At one point the whole instrument track was missing in the exported audio.