issue with focusrite 18i20 interface

i am unable to record audio and play it back. i installed the drivers for the interface and set the asio drivers in the device settings to focusrite 2.0 drivers. i may be having an issue in the vst connections window. i believe i may also be having trouble in the routing settings in the focusrite scarlett mixer control window. any suggestions?

Try with Asio4all. I know many Scarlett users who’ve had trouble with the Focusrite drivers and everything started to work perfectly when they replaced them with Asio4all.

okay, i resolved my issue. i will share the problem in case any other noobs like me run into the same USER error. in the vst connections window there are input and output tabs and there is also a studio tab. in the studio tab i had to add a monitor bus which i ran my headphones out of. on the 18i20 there are two headphone jacks in the front. the left ones are stereo, channels 7 &8, the one to the right of that is 9 & 10. i used 7 and 8 (left and right). then in the output tab, u must link up the stereo out to monitor 1, which should now b channels 7 and 8. also in the track u are recording u have to make sure the input is set up to the proper channel and that the output is on (in my case) stereo 1, which is connected to moniter one as previously stated… noooow i had to go on the scarlett mix control center and make sure outputs 7 and 8 were set to mix 1 left and right so i can here and that the rest are set to the DAW routing setting. now everything runs smoothly.

also i ended up having a latency problem with my midi controller (which is usb and plugged into the comp since there are no usb ports on the 18i20). this issue was solved as soon as i realized the lag was due to not having picked a vst instrument in the device connections window. the midi instrument i was hearing must have been native to my computer’s soundcard, thus latency. i hope this makes someone else’s experience easier.

also thanks for responding, INdigo!

My Issue is with the audio foldback not necessarily with the VST Instrument…My 18i20 has a 60ms delay when monitored through cubase with the AKAI Pro 4E I had a 7ms delay but I wanted to mix in 5.1 surround soI upgraded to the 18i20 and not the latency is unbearable.

Ok i found out after much searching that I had the Buffer size on the Scarlett Mix Control set to 20ms I changed it to 3 ms and that was giving me dropouts so I increased it to 6ms and that seemed to work for a mid sized project with about 15 audio samples in 5.1 surround however it would not export and I had to do it in mono.

I originally thought I was having a driver incompatibility problem with Windows 7 and cubase 7.5 coupled to the 18i20

Also I read with interest that it is suggested that the driver be replaced with Asio4all??? where do I get this?