Issue with HALion 5 in Studio One

I am having some issues using HALion 5 in Studio One (that don’t occur in Cubase 7.5 or 8):

When I use the VST3 version of HALion 5 in Studio One, the plugin window does not expand all the way. I see only about 2/3rds of the HALion window inside a larger window “frame” (with black filling the space around the HALion window within the larger plugin frame). There is no way to resize the plugin frame in order to get the HALion window to display properly.

I thought the issue might be specific to the VST3 version of HALion 5. So I set Studio One to scan the standard Cubase “VSTPlugins” folder in order to add the VST2 version of HALion to my list of plugins in Studio One. However, Studio One won’t recognize any of the VST2 versions of the Steinberg plugins (including Retrolog, Pad Shop Pro, Neo Soul Keys, etc. which I own). Even when I move the Steinberg VST2 plugins to my standard Programs/VstPlugins folder on Windows 8, Studio One won’t recognize these plugins. (All my other plugins are scanned and added correctly, btw.)

So I am wondering if anyone else is having window issues with the VST3 version of HALion 5 in Studio One and whether people have been able to successfully use the VST2 version instead.

Thanks for your help!

I found a way to get around the window issues when using the VST3 version of HALion 5 in Studio One:

  • Close the original plugin window (that includes tabs for all the active synth plugins in your Studio One project)
  • Open HALion 5 and resize its window to a useful size
  • Pin the HALion 5 plugin window so it stays open all the time (and isn’t swapped out for the currently select synth plugin)
  • Open another plugin window and don’t pin it. This window will then automatically display the plugin on the currently selected track (except for HALion 5 which is in its own separate plugin window).

This seems to work okay. However, it’s still odd that the VST2 version of HALion 5 isn’t available within Studio One. Any ideas for why Studio One doesn’t recognize the VST2 versions of any of the Steinberg plugins?

Yes, same issue here, I work around it by selecting H5’s default screen set or the screen set I created for S1.

They share the same classID (unique plugin ID), so projects made with VST2.4 will also open when only VST3 is available (and vice versa). S1 does recognize the VST2.4 version though, but since it only shows one item per ClassID, you’ll only see the VST3 when both are present.

I’m not sure this is related, but I mention it anyway. I have major GUI problems with the AU version of both HALion 5 and HALion Sonic in Ableton Live 9. I can’t comment on the VST2 version since it’s Windows only and I’m on Mac.

That worked! I closed the plugin window and then opened HALion 5. I selected its default window arrangement and then opened another plugin by selecting its track in the arrange window. I then re-selected the HALion 5 track and the plugin opened to its previous, correct size.


same here: i have a lot of gui problems with ALL of my steinberg plugins (Haloing, Retrologue, Padshop pro, AU and VST) under Yosemite with Ableton Live 9 and Studio One.

Perhaps it is a retina mac only problem???

the steinberg support says: there are no problems… very bad support!!!

I gave up reporting issues since it’s just a waste of time. I work around issues and when they really start to get in my way I use an alternative product.

Halion 5 was released 1.5 years ago and there was enough room for improvement, but above all fixing some bugs. Unfortunately there was not a single update since Halion 5 was released. I bought Halion 4 and 5 to support the development of this product, knowing it will take some time to iron out the errors and beefing up the features and hoping for some continuity from Steinberg. Unfortunately Steinberg did what they always do and left there customers in the dark with a product with great potential, but a lousy finish. :unamused:

I don’t have many complaints about HALion 5. In fact, when using it in Cubase I find H5 ‘ very useful and I can get a lot of music and sound design from it as it is.
For me, there are two issues: it’s randomly crashing Cubase when building my own presets + it’s currently useless as AU plug-in in Ableton Live.

i have found a temporarily solution for the Gui-Problems with Retina-Macs and DAWs like Ableton Live and Studio One:
You have to disable the Retina-Features for these Apps.

Open your finder, go to your apps folder, right-click on the app-icon , select “informations” and activate “Open in low resolution”.

Now my steinberg-Plugins are working (Halion 5, Retrologue, Padshop Pro)

Thanks! I thought I tested this but I might be wrong. I’ll check it out.

I ruled out this option as I was sure I had tried it. I was wrong. “Open in low resolution” solved the problem. Thank you!

It seems like this issue got worse with Studio One version 3.
Before I buy a ticket for the carousel of companies pointing at each other, I would like to know if someone can confirm this behavior or found a solution/workaround for this, since the previous trick of simply switching screensets doesn’t work anymore. I use the VST3 version of Halion 5 and don’t use S1’s High DPI Mode.

When I open Halion 5 in Studio One 3 the GUI opens like this:

When I close and re-open Halion 5, it looks like this:

When I change the Screenset to Default it will look like this:

When re-opening after choosing the Default screenset, it will look like this:

After dragging the surrounding S1 GUI frame border, it will look like this (expected result):

Fixed with Studio One 3.0.2 update!

Broken again with Studio One 3.1.0 update!

Not sure if I should report it to Steinberg or PreSonus. So I’ll put an issue report on both company forums.

Issue: The Halion 5 (VST3 x64) GUI is not rebuild properly within the VST frame after closing it.

Reproducible steps:

  1. Load Halion 5 to Instrument track
  2. Close Instrument editor containing Halion 5 GUI
  3. Open Instrument editor containing Halion 5 GUI

Result: GUI is partially build, the Instrument editor window is the size of the actual GUI
Expected result: GUI is entirely build within the Instrument editor at the right size

  1. Close instrument editor containing Halion 5 GUI again
  2. Open Instrument editor containing Halion 5 GUI

Result: Instument editor frame is clipped across the partially build GUI

Additional information: This issue has always been there in Studio One 2 & 3 with Halion 4 & 5. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s an issue that should be addressed to Steinberg or PreSonus. It was (maybe unintentionally) fixed with update Studio One 3.0.2. But returned again with Studio One update 3.1.0.

Video of the behavior

Tested with Windows 7 x64, Studio One version 3.1.0 (default settings), Halion

Just in case someone is running into the same issue as I do. It has to do with the VST3 version of Halion 5 in combination with Studio One. The VST2 version is just fine. Unfortunately the VST2.4 version does not pick up settings created with the VST3 version in a project.

This issue with the VST3 version of Halion 5 is still standing in Studio One 3.2.
Maybe a Steinberg representative could a least chime in here and tell me where and how to get support to solve it.


Ah… Stein Berg is German for heap of stones.

Stupid me, thinking it will answer back when you talk to it. :unamused:

Mumbling to himself Remarkable the VST3 versions of GA4, Halion Sonic 2 and other VST3’s don’t have this issue. Maybe it’s a special feature of this State-of-the-art sampler and sound creation system tailored to the demands of professionals. Hmmmm… I wonder…

Same problem still. Damn. Great product but it seems as if it’s abandonware at this point.