Issue with McDSP Futzbox plugin

I´ve installed this VST3 64 bits plugin but when loading it Cubase crashes with message that a serious problem has occured…
Attached is the dump file.
Cubase 64bit 2022.6.15 (1.3 MB)
I´m using Cubase 12.0.3 64 bits, running in Windows 10 64 bits, Ryzen 7 PC.
In another DAW in the same PC the plugin works fine.
Can you please help me?

Which version of Futzbox are you using? I’m running Futzbox V6 on the latest build of C12 with no problems.
I found this bizarre quote on the McDSP website:

“Note as of v7.0, VST is no longer supported”

Perhaps they mean VST 2? Or you’re out of luck :confused:

I´m running v6.
I have the same issue with VST2 and VST3