Issue with MIDI synth track

I have a synth track that is having a problem playing back. It has just suddenly started doing this and I noticed it when it usually comes in on the second verse of the song. The sound should have been a lot fuller, then I noticed this track suddenly had decided not to play back anymore. Oddly, if I click on the volume meter on the left and hold the mouse button down, I can hear the track. As soon as I release my mouse button, there is no playback. Is there any way to fix this? I can’t find any solution to it as it has just started happening randomly and I have not changed any settings…


I’m reading the post for 3rd time already and it’s really weird one.

Do you mean MIDI Track? Where is it routed to? Where exactly do you click to fix it (could you send a screenshot and mark the spot)? Do you click the while playback?