Issue with multi-bar rests

If I have, for example, a 20-bar rest in my score, and above the first measure of rests there is a text item, such as “trombone solo,” but no note entry it seems that Dorico regards that first measure as not completely empty, and therefore puts one measure of rest, and the “19” for the compressed rests. Is there a way around this?

As long as the text item is rhythmically attached to the very beginning of the bar it won’t split the multibar rest (unless it’s somewhere midway through the multibar rest, in which case that’ll split into two multibar rests).

Wow! What a quick response. I checked several scores, and somehow the text was attached to something other than the first beat, which sometimes isn’t obvious. Attaching it to the first beat does indeed work. Wonderful support.

What about the situation where there is some text at the very end of a piece and a player is tacet. In this case there is 10 bars rest for the vocalist and every part has “attacca” at the end. So the vocalist now has a 9-bar plus a 1-bar rest. It’s comprehensible but it doesn’t look great.

If you attach a Fine to the last barline and change its text to Attacca, the multi-rest is not broken.


I tried attaching the Fine, which was fine, but the popover wouldn’t let me change the text.

Off the top of my head: you should be able to change the text in the properties panel on the bottom of the screen.

That was the missing step - it worked thanks.