Issue with Multi bounce Down mIx to stereo

im having an issue getting stereo stems to print from my quad setup in cubase 11 i have no problem exporting a stereo mix with Quad Master Grp Sent to Stereo master Grp and out stereo master bus But i need to do multi bounce of quad stems down to stereo stems. i’ve tried everything. I figured i would set the quad master Grp to go out the stereo master. doing this auto-automatically inserted the downmix feature on the Panner. When i hit play all good its working i hear the mix all good… when i do export of stem im doing in real time. i should be hearing it but i don’t during bounce. I see meters moving out of all the correct channels. and resulting bounced audio file is stereo but is blank. no sound is printed… What am i doing wrong? I also went to audio connections and made stereo out the default this doesn’t help… I’m puzzled.

any help?