Issue with Native Instruments "KONTAKT" Etheral Earth

i have several questions/issues:

1. Issue with Native Instruments Kontakt Player.
I created a Layer with Native Instruments “Kontakt” and the “Etheral Earth” Plugin.
I edited the settings, “saved” it and “saved multi as…”. This is what it looks like:

But when I restart VST-Live, all settings are adjusted like this:

→ The presets name (AHC) is the same as I saved it, but all settings are wrong.
If I load my saved preset (AHC) now, all settings are fine.
I tried to delete this layer and recreate it → same issue.
This also happens in a new project in VST-Live.
I did the same procedure in cubase without any problems, so I don’t think it’s a bug in Kontakt.
Any ideas, why VST-Live doesn’t reload “Kontakt” as saved?
Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi @PatrickT,

I’ve tried to reproduce your problem. But everything is working fine. Okay, I used “Kontakt 6”. I am trying to install “Kontakt Player”. Are you running the latest version of VST Live? You can you check the latest version here.


… I’ve also tried Kontakt 7. No problem. Does the latest version of VST Live help you? If not, you need to tell me which Kontakt version you are using, please.