Issue with NI MASSIVE in C8 Pro Win 7 64 Ult

Seems to be an issue with NI’s MASSIVE synth under Cubase Pro 8 on Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.

Opening Massive takes a while. When it open if you click Browser in Massive a shaded boxed area appears to the left of the MASSIVE window (shading an area of the project)

I’ve had MASSIVE crash Cubase 8 pro with an exception popup windows twice now. I will screen capture and post if it occurs again.

I think the exception occurred when I unchecked the plugins “Always On Top” setting then minimized the project with MASSIVE open behind the project window.

Here’s a screen capture of the Shaded area over the project.

Anything under this shaded area is unclickable (can not be selected) on the C8pro project window while
the MASSIVE vsti is open.

Double Clicking on the title bar of the Cubase 8 Pro project window when the MASSIVE and shaded area are still visible and on top will make the project window full screen.
Double click the title bar again to return to previous window scaling.
The Shaded area then disappears and buttons underneath it are clickable.

The Shaded area does not return until the MASSIVE vsti window is closed and reopened.

Also, the SAVE AS dialog window appears behind the open MASSIVE interface and some shuffling is required to make it usable.

Repeatedly clicking the “Save As” button continues to open new instances of the Save As dialog rather than recycle the one already open.

These may be issues that NI needs to address though I would suggest Steinberg be proactive and communicate with their design team for maximum compatibility.

Could someone else with MASSIVE on Windows 7 64bit confirm this behavior under Cubase 8 Pro 64 bit?

That is my setup - testing it now…

No I donnt get any of your issues, no grey area and I can click everywhere, it also opened quickly and I disabled stay on top and minimised and resized and no crash either

Just realised I had not tested the save as: it does do as you say with the save dialog behind massive and also multiple save dialogs appear on repeateddly clicking it

What is your screen resolution set to?
Mine is at 1920x1080
Font scaling is set to 125%

using Intel HD3000 based graphics 256mb dedicated RAM with 1500MB shared.

I have a 4K monitor at 3840 by 2160 with scaling at 130%

Just tried to repro your problem here but it’s all ok, loads fast and no shadows. Have modified aero here quite a bit, taken off all the transparency and altered active and inactive bars to something more settled and with no after glows all over the text etc. have you tried that?