Issue with Playback on my R8

I’m new to this forum and to serious audio interfaces in general, so please excuse any ignorance I almost certainly have.
The problem is that haven’t been able to get playback through my R8. I have gotten playback through my “generic low latency” speakers, but obviously that’s not of much use because I can only use one driver at a time, right?
So my setup right is as follows:
mic => zoom r8 => computer => zoom r8 => headphones

All my buses appear correct and my channels aren’t muted. My monitor sign on the playing channel is off and each channel has been designated the right inputs and outputs. I’m really at a loss as to what the problem is. I’ve been troubleshooting this slowly for a while now and I am starting to despair.

I don’t know anyone in IRL with Cubase experience so your help is really appreciated.


What are “Generic Low Latency” Speakers?

Yes you can only use one ASIO driver at once, so if you have the R8s ASIO set as the audio interface then all input/output is via that device.

It may be possible to use the ASIO4ALL driver (Google it) to set up two devices at the same time at the expense of some latency.

Assuming you are using a PC?

A serious audio interface will have a dedicated ASIO driver. Your R8 is probably not very serious.