Issue with Playing back MIDI files Saved from External Synth


I have created some MIDI files with multiple channel using my Yamaha PSR-A3000 as External Synth. It has SysEx messages as well. I have chosen all option in Preferences> Chase events (program changes, expression, …, except SysEx), etc. However, when I load the tracks in Cubase, it does not play the current voices. It changes randomly.

I have tried loading it in single MIDI track, single Instrument track doesn’t work! I press start on Synth randomly plays few instruments rights. I dissolve it, I reassign the instruments; it sometimes plays correctly, sometimes does not. I click to reassign same instrument, again randomly it plays the correct instrument sometimes does not.

This drives me crazy!

I am trying to use my own MIDI clips ( to be played using my PSR-A3000) in my song that I am working on!

what is the correct way to record your own MIDI clips in cubase and save it in MediaBay > user Content> MIDI Loops? I learn that I can save in the folder both .loop and .mid files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I don’t think SysEx dump is an option for me since I am using many midi clips that will be played on my External Synth!