Issue with Pre/Post Inserts Metering using Precision Limiter

Hi guys!

I noticed I am having an issue with my Nuendo metering when it comes to using Precision Limiter.

Normally, when I have Precision Limiter on Pre Fader, and I lower the fader, the max output would be matched with the fader position. However, I am noticing that I am getting some overs even though the fader position is lower. And this just makes no sense to me. :blush:

Everything works as normal in post fader; nothing goes past 0 dbs.

Anyone else having this issue, please pitch in.

As far as I can tell there is no issue with metering here.

I’m not quite understanding your workflow. If you put the limiter in a prefader insert slot the Nuendo channel fader will have no effect upon the level going into the limiter, and the max output of the channel will be controlled by the channel fader, not the limiter. So if you move the channel fader you would simply be setting the level of the channel in the normal way after the signal has passed through the limiter, right? I’m wondering what you mean by ‘the max output would be matched with the fader position’.

If you place the limiter pre-fader, then when you move your fader to -4dbs, the max output on the nuendo meter would only reach -4dbs. I’m not seeing that action anymore. Instead, I am seeing the peak overs as if there was never a limiter on.

Post fader, is working as normal, by not allowing any peaks regardless of fader position. It’s only the behavior of the pre-fader that is not working anymore.

maybe your meters are pre fader?

With the limiter set to prefader that actually wouldn’t always be the result depending on the level of the input signal and the limiter settings. What are the settings on your limiter?

As suggested by st10ss you may have your meters set to ‘input’ in the global meter settings… but then that wouldn’t explain why you are apparently seeing normal meter behaviour when you insert the limiter post fader.

Are you limiting on the stereo out? Are there any other plugins in the inserts? What is the precise configuration? What is the max peak of the input signal? What are the settings on the limiter? Perhaps provide a screenshot of your channel and plugin configuration and maybe somebody can help you further. I’m out of ideas here.

Thank you guys so much for your input. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to realize my channel eq, which I rarely use, was set to post inserts. The eq had a boost which was creating the overs. I need to get some sleep. Lmao. Again thank you. I was too deep into the forest to see clearly.