Issue with: "prompt for project location"

Hello, I have n issue with the “prompt for project location” option.
Every time I choose it, the Cubase becomes unresponsive and I’m forced to shut it down.
Help me fix this pleae.

We’d need a lot more information: System, OS, Cubase version, whether it always happens or just on one project, etc.

I use Windows 7, the version is Cubase LE AI Elements 7 64bit, and it happens every single time.
When I select “prompt for project location” the software crashes and becomes unresponsive.

Have you done the usual step of trashing your preferences?

Current problem with version 7.5.3 with windows. Current solution is to switch of the ‘hub’ under preferences until a fix has been sorted.

This is interesting because I had this problem too when I first updated, and I found that it took some time to hang but occasionally if I went fast I was able to get further before it crashed. I trashed preferences but it made no different. Then one time I got a strange message which said that my folder was read-only, I didn’t think it was, but I used the explorer to unset the read-only flag and the next time I had no hang at all… It all works perfectly now and I never had to disable the hub. It could have been entirely coincidence, but it looked very much like the error that maybstudio is referring to, so maybe there’s another ‘lucky’ way around the problem!