Issue with sliders on the Macro Page

I encountered a problem with the sliders inserted on the Macro Page. There is a ‘Mixer Slider’ template under the Basic Controls>Mixer section. I tried using that to control the level of a zone. The problem is that when you move the slider to “0” on its scale it actually sets the level of the zone to +6db. So the scale of the slider is not representative of the actual value of the parameter it’s assigned to. Here’s a screenshot to better understand what I’m talking about:


Is there a solution to this issue?

The mixer slider is meant to be used for…mixer slider. This is slightly different than the level parameter of the zone or layer. You are probably better off using a bi directional knob. As the level of the zone has neutral setting in the middle and can go from minus infinity to +12dB.

I see. Thank you!

I would prefer a slider though. I suppose I could modify that slider and create a custom-made scale for it, one that display “0” in the middle. :thinking:
Or is there a way to modify the “curve” (not the range) of the slider, so the values it sends are not linear?