Issue with tempo detection @48KHz ?

I’ve not been able to get this working properly since Cubase 8.5 … tempo detection and then trying to manually move the markers. See the video

The video starts at the beginning of me trying to use tempo detection, but the actual problem is at 11:25.

Nobody else has run into this ?


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tempo detection works better with percussive sounds (drums, synth seq, etc.)

for more tips check this youtube channel:
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Thanks for your answer. The issue I’m running into has nothing to do with the material I think. I just can’t manually move the tempo markers.


try to disable the snap

There is nothing about enabled/disabled snap here.
Same issue here @maartenl945
Cubase + Nuendo 11.0.41

regards Alexander

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There is actually a whole other thread about this:

There are bunch of threads.
And I bet it’s not enough for solving the issue.
It’s in there from 9.5 - 10 - 11 … to version 12 ?

I think that we all should flood support with requests with the correct repro steps and the problem description.
And also spread this information on the forum. :nerd_face:


Same experience. I’ve given up and moved to Studio One. I’m getting the impression that Steinberg don’t know how to fix it / have lost the capability / that its so fundamental to the core engine that they don’t dare touch it.

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And the Issue is there even in 44.1 kHz project
Trying to isolate it but it’s different every time :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
So it’s difficult to reproduce