Issue with tie across voices

I ran into this issue while playing with voices: ties across different voices are lost if the voice of the rightmost note of the pair is changed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create two notes in two different voices
  2. Select them and press T to add a tie
  3. Select the rightmost note and press V (or change voice through the menu item)

It also works with groups of 3+ tied notes. The tie coming from the left is lost, while the one outgoing is kept.

Is it reasonable to expect independent voices to act together (even if tied) as if they were in the same voice?

It’s an interesting question.

Ties between voices work by the tied-from note having a reference to the tied-to note. If you change the voice of the tied-to note, it is effectively removed and reinserted, so the reference becomes stale. In an ideal world Dorico would recover from this and be able to update the reference, but in practice that’s not how the software works at the present time.

I understand. Now that I am aware of the behaviour, I will pay attention. But can I hope for a fix in a future version?

It’s not something we’re likely to jump to ameliorate right away, but it’s certainly something we can take a look at as time allows in future.

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