Issue with tool modifier "Split event" using (Select tool + ALT)

Cubase Pro 11 issueOK
I just upgraded from Cubase Pro 10.5 to 11, and I am having a problem. When activating the tool modifier Split event (Alt) in the Select tool, it does not work correctly, sometimes it splits the event I clic on, and sometimes it does not (most of the time it does not work, and copies the event, or just selects it). I am attaching a GIF to show the problem. However with the Split tool it works fine. This problem was not present in previous versions.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Do you have the latest Cubase 11 update installed, please?

What graphic card do you use, please? Do you have the latest driver installed, please?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Do you use HiDPI screen? If yes, what settings/scaling do you use in Windows and what do you use in Cubase, please?

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The Alt modifier really has 2 behaviors with the Select Tool.

  1. If you Alt+Click and release it will split the Event
  2. If you Alt+Click and then hold & drag (even for a moment) it will copy the Event

I often intend to do the first but actually do the second.

Thank you both!
Martin, I disabled HiDPI and the problem is solved! You’re a genius!
Thanks again