Issue with Track Presets in OSX

Track Presets: Never really used them before, but right when I see the usefulness in doing so, I realize that it wasn’t working right. I was able to save one nice electric guitar track preset just fine. It shows up in media bay and shows in the menu that is called when adding a track using track preset. I saved like three others without checking afterwards. Today I saved another and then wanted to try loading a track from a previous track preset only to find it wasn’t there!

Funny enough, the one I had just saved wasn’t even showing up in media bay or the add track from preset menu!? So I resaved the track, naming it the same exact thing and I get a message saying the file already exists, would I like to overwrite it… This of course led me to start searching.

I saw the same problem listed on this forum - of which I haven’t visited since was around - and I tried resetting the filters, making sure the all media types option was selected (as the post instructed) and still nothing. It is still only showing me the one original track preset I saved. I upgraded from Cubase 4 and unlike C5 users, I never used the option and honestly don’t even know if it existed in 4, since I didn’t use it.:slight_smile:

I would really like some advice on what is happening and how I should fix it. I am not doing a clean install - too much of a pain.