Issue with two CME Xkeys 25 keybords

I have an issue with my second CME Xkey 25 keyboard. Dorico is able to use only one of my two Xkeys… Second one seems to be dead, although I can see it on the list of my MIDI Input devices, and both are connected via USB. I don’t have this problem in Cubese - both keyboards work perfectly as independent devices and I can use different octave transpositions on each of them what is the point of using two keyboards. Dorico seems to see and use only one Xkey. Anyone had this issue? Any ideas how to solve the problem? Maybe it needs to be fixed at the software level?

Thank you!

It could be something like the keyboards both presenting exactly the same name and hence Dorico is only seeing one of them, though this is something of an unusual use case. If you’re on Mac, can you try changing the names of the two keyboards in Audio MIDI Setup so they’re unique, to see if that helps?

And if it does not, while you have a project open and the CMEs connected, do Help > Create Diagnostic Report. That creates a zip file on your desktop, please send it to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’.