Issue with Upgrade license

Hey All,

Having issues upgrading my cubase license. A long time ago when I was studying, I bought a cubase studio 4 education license. I then decided to get back into writing music and bought a 9.5 upgrade license but this doesn’t seem to be able to be applied to my studio 4 license. I also have a Cubase LE 10 license from a new interface but this cant be “upgraded” to essentials 9.5 either.

Is it possible to buy the essentials 10 update, update my 9.5 essentials upgrade then upgrade 10 LE -> 10 Essentials? Or can I somehow downgrade my LE 10 to LE9.5?

Any help appreciated.


Hi and welcome,

There is no Essential derivative anymore, there is Elements derivative instead.

From Cubase Studio 4 EDU, you can upgrade to Cubase Artist 10 or Cubase Pro 10.

From Cubase LE 10 you can upgrade to Cubase Elements 10, Cubase Artist 10 or Cubase Pro 10.

So what is the derivative you would like to get?