Issue with VCA controlled write automation display

I don’t remember seeing this before. Maybe a new issue in 12.40 or a setting I messed up?

(problem becomes visible at 0:02 in the video below)

MX track in film sound. Has VCA fader to control stem mix. Nothing unusual.

Track displays both the track fader level and the VCA adjusted level (track is at unison, VCA at -19dB.

When I start writing automation on the track itself, while writing, the track volume gets adjusted for the VCA (there’s a jump in the line). As soon as I punch out, it snaps back where you expect it. That’s a very confusing way of displaying that. Why doesn’t the brighter track fader line paint w/o VCA offset, so you can visualize what you’ll end up with?

Using a hardware controller (SSL UF8) and fader starts out at -19dB as expected. But happens with mouse in mix window as well.